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I'm new to Econ Lowdown. How do I use it in my classroom?
After creating a FREE account, you can quickly add a classroom, add your students, and create a syllabus by assigning our ready-made, online resources. Don't forget to publish the syllabus when you are ready for your students to complete their work. Then, simply keep track of their progress from within your instructor account. If you'd like extra guidance, please review our tutorials.
I've registered for an account, but I haven't received an email confirmation. What is going on?
The email may take up to 30 minutes to reach you due to security features in place on your email account. If you don't receive an email after 30 minutes, contact us at: and we can help you get started. Please note there may be limits to the content you can receive via email, so the email may be blocked. To remedy this, please contact your local webmaster to allow emails from
What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy notice and policy is available at:
Is Econ Lowdown FERPA compliant?
For questions about Econ Lowdown's compliance with Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), please take a look at the documentation. Should you have additional questions regarding FERPA, please contact us at:
How accessible is Econ Lowdown?
Our resources work well with screen readers, and we have closed captioning on our videos. For any audio content, we provide access to the transcripts if they are not captioned.
I'm interested in using Econ Lowdown in Canvas. How do I get started?
Read about the benefits of using Econ Lowdown in Canvas. Your Canvas admin can use our form to deploy Econ Lowdown for your district or organization. For details on navigating Econ Lowdown via Canvas as an instructor, please view our how-to guide or watch a video tutorial.
I'm having difficulty using Econ Lowdown in Canvas. Who should I contact?
For details on navigating Econ Lowdown via Canvas as an instructor, please view our how-to guide or watch a video tutorial. Alternatively, you can contact us at: