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In just a few clicks, set up a classroom for each class you teach. Give your classroom a name and select a date range, and you're on your way to creating a syllabus of quality resources for your students.

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Quickly choose resources to drop into your classroom syllabus. Set your own date ranges, drag and drop resources to reorder, and add your own custom content. Don't forget to publish so your students can see all their assignments!

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Monitor student progress and scores on assigned resources in your classrooms. Assign Written Assessments and Reading Q&As and grade them from within the teacher portal.

Students log in to Econ Lowdown with a system-generated student code and password. You can also opt to have your students log in "with Google." Students first log in with their Google account and are then prompted to join your classroom by entering a code.
Discussion board questions are included in some modules, thus giving you and your students the opportunity to discuss key economic concepts in the virtual classroom. You may also add your own questions to the discussion board.
Similar to classroom response systems, you may virtually send questions to your students to check comprehension, gain attention and generate discussion. Summaries of the student responses can be shown in real time to both you and your students.

Award-winning resources

Econ Lowdown is home to award-winning economics and personal finance resources.

Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award National Association of Economic Educators Platinum Award Corporate Social Responsibility Award AVA Platinum Award Award of Excellence
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