Canvas Deployment for Econ Lowdown

For the best experience, please use a desktop/laptop for entry and submission of this form.

Enter data in this page and click Submit to deploy Econ Lowdown as an LTI app from a Canvas LMS instance. Click here for instructions.

  1. You must have root administrator permissions in Canvas to complete this deployment.

  2. Deployments should be done at the root level (i.e. school district or overall organization).

  3. After entering your information in the fields below and submitting, you must connect to Econ Lowdown from Canvas to complete the deployment. Instructions are in the deployment guide referenced above.

  4. Distribute this How-to Guide to teachers in your school district/organization.

  5. Having technical issues, or the deploy didn't work as expected? Please don’t enter information and Submit again; contact us at

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