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Review Part II

Directions: Use the bank account register that you completed for Sandra Sherril and her bank statement to balance her account. Enter the following information, then click Submit to check your answers.

  • Ending Balance on May 31st
  • Any deposits that do not appear on the bank statement.
  • Total
  • Items Outstanding
  • Total Items Outstanding
  • Total Balance
Bank Statement
Sandra Sherril
5678 Kingsway
Our Town, USA, 23456
Million Dollar Bank
100 Dollar Lane
Our Town, USA 23456
Statement Period: 5/15/XX-6/14/XX
Account Number: 0987654321
Date Item Withdrawal Amount Deposit Amount Balance
31-May Opening balance/deposit   $167.00 $167.00
1-June ATM withdrawal $40.00   $127.00
2-June ATM withdrawal $20.00   $107.00
2-June Service Charge $1.50   $105.50
2-June Online $38.00   $67.50
5-June Debit $47.30   $20.20
8-June Deposit   $28.13 $48.33
12-June ATM withdrawal $20.00   $28.33
12-June Service Charge $1.50   $26.83
31-May ENDING BALANCE $26.83
Check # Amount      
In your bank account register, mark with a check all checks paid, ATM and debit withdrawals made and certified, and deposits credited.
Enter the ending balance shown on the bank statement $
Add + (deposit(s) that do not appear on the statement for this period) $
Enter items Outstanding: (withdrawals that have been entered in the bank account register, but do not appear on this statement.)  
Subtract total items outstanding from the amount listed on the TOTAL line above and record new amount on TOTAL BALANCE line.  
This amount should equal the balance in your bank account register. If it does not, then your account does not balance, and there is an error.