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Review Part III

Below is a screenshot of Sandra’s online bill payment center. In the upper right, you can see she has one “Pending Payment” scheduled. Her payment of $22.50 to Green’s Trash and Recycle is scheduled for 07/05.

Online Bill Payment Center

What is the current amount of Sandra’s pending payments?
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One word sums up of the theme of this lesson – organization! In this lesson, you've learned about the differences between checking accounts, savings accounts and check-cashing services, and you've learned the importance of keeping accurate records of your deposits, withdrawals and payments through the use of your bank account register. The better organized you keep your finances, the more peace of mind you'll experience. Conversely, not knowing how much money you have and wondering if you can pay your bills can bring on a lot of stress. Given that you now know what to do, avoid the stress.