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John Dough’s Online Banking Activity

Below is a screenshot of John’s online bill payment center.  In the upper right, you can see he has some “Pending Payments” already scheduled.  His cell phone bill, for example, is $82.48 and is scheduled to be paid on February 2.  He also has his gas account and his rent scheduled for February 2.  Notice that his car insurance is scheduled for February 17.

On the left, you can see John has just entered two additional payments, one for his cable bill and another for his gym membership, with both to be paid on February 5. Once he hits the “Submit Payments” button, these two bills will move into the Pending Payments section along with the others.

John Dough Online Banking

What is the current amount of John’s pending payments (before he adds the two new payments)?
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Imagine a few weeks have passed. Take a look at the online transactions list below and then answer the questions. 


Review the list of online recent transactions. How many credits are listed?
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Note that many people sign up for automatic payments to their service providers, such as electric companies, gas companies, insurance companies, and phone companies. With automatic payment, a bill is paid automatically from a person’s checking or savings account on the payment due date. This payment method differs from the online-payment feature banks offers. Automatic payments are set up through individual companies and not through the bank. These payments won’t appear on the account’s online recent transactions list until payment is made.