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Ell worked quite hard throughout the week
So Dana could be paid.
But on her way to Dana’s house,
She met with Jack Kincaid.

Jack said, “Let’s get an ice cream cone.
I hear the ice cream truck.”
Ell thought a treat would hit the spot,
But…she did still owe eight bucks!

Those cones looked so delicious, though.
Ell bought one in the end.
And then she thought about her choice:
“I can’t repay my friend!”

When Ell arrived at Dana’s house,
She felt ashamed and shy.
“I know I owe you eight,” she said.
“I only brought you five.”

“I gave you credit when I lent
You money at the show.
You said you’d pay eight dollars back.
Five dollars is too low.”

“It’s fine, but you must pay a cost.
It’s called a credit fee.
For extra time to pay this debt,
You must pay more to me.”

“So, Ell, you owe me interest now.
You must pay four, not three
Because your debt’s not paid in full,
You have to pay a fee.”