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”It’s movie time,” Ell told her friend
One Sunday afternoon.
She knew just what she’d like to see—
The one about the moon.

Eight bucks is what a ticket cost.
But Ell, she had just four.
“I guess I’ll have to wait,” she said.
“This day is such a bore.”

“Aw, come on, Ell, let’s have some fun,”
Her good friend, Dana, squeaked.
“I’ll make a loan so you can go.
Just pay me back next week.”

Ell smiled and said, “You really would?”
“Of course! We’re friends! Let’s go!”
And just as fast as they could walk,
They headed for the show.

They entered through big golden doors.
The popcorn smelled so good.
Ell wished she had some extra cash.
She’d buy some; yes she would.

“Don’t worry, Ell. I’ve got more cash.”
Said Dana, “Pick a snack.
Just add four bucks to what you owe.
I trust you’ll pay me back.”