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Ell worked and saved and didn’t spend
And paid the final three.
She knew it cost two extra bucks
To pay the interest fees.

One day the friends made plans to shop
At Johnny’s Books and Snacks,
For Dana had 12 bucks to spend
Plus all that Ell’d paid back.

And Ell? She only had 10 bucks.
But guess what happened then?
Ell found a book she had to have,
And it cost more than 10.

“Hey Dana,” Ell called to her friend
“Would you make me a loan?
I‘ll pay you back tomorrow.”
Her friend let out a groan.

“I’m sorry, Ell, that just won’t work.
I cannot lend to you.
You took too long to pay last time.
I had to skip the zoo.”

Why don’t you wait and save more cash
and come back to the store?
Then you can buy the book you want
Without the pay-back chore.